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We provide a wide range of value-added services to augment our logistics solutions including:

  1. Materials management
  2. In-plant logistics
  3. Pick and pack, kitting, labeling
  4. Pre-delivery inspection and testing
  5. Electronics testing/configuration
  6. Display build and setup
  7. Specialty packaging/repack
  8. Clamshell, blister pack, etc.
  9. Parts cleaning and repair
  10. Collateral and Point of Purchase (POP) support
  11. Garment on Hanger (GOH)
  12. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  13. Supplier compliance
  14. Maintenance
  15. Containment
  16. Grounds maintenance
  17. EDI and document scanning
  18. Light manufacturing
  19. Contract manufacturing
  20. Sequencing and line-side delivery
  21. Shuttle runs
  22. Returns processing/management

The benefits of adding value

When UTi manages value-added services and multiple components of your supply chain, you receive greater flexibility to react to various factors including market volatility, special orders, inventory obsolescence and packaging changes. Our responsive and dedicated team of professionals is here to provide you with the best service possible by refining and reconfiguring solutions as you grow and change. Let us be your partner as we work together to drive cost and complexity out of the supply chain.

Dedicated Warehousing

Our dedicated warehousing solutions provide you with a flexible facility layout and design to meet the changing needs of your business. A dedicated facility provides the labor and equipment required to manage day-to-day operations, but also something more: a competitive advantage.

Solutions dedicated to competitive advantage

In order to deliver competitive advantage worldwide, we help model your facility layout and design in alignment with your operational processes. Our dedicated team of professionals analyzes your entire supply chain in order to gather information and make informed decisions and recommendations. Quality and continuous improvement are our everyday goals and we aim to implement processes and procedures that lead to the reduction of total logistics costs for our clients.

A full range of benefits

With a warehouse facility configured and dedicated to your requirements, and a comprehensive range of contract logistics services to add value to the process, UTi can provide you with a single-source solution that makes certain your goods reach the marketplace efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, our technology systems give you the visibility needed for real-time transactions and inventory allocation that will cut cycle times and improve inventory turns. We can add revenue to your bottom line by cutting warehousing and administrative costs, allowing you to focus on your core business initiatives.

Multi-Client Warehousing

Our multi-client warehousing services allow you to focus on your core business while we manage the flow of materials for you, as well as other clients, in a single facility. In this configuration, the costs of space, labor and equipment are shared.

Leveraging the cost of space and services

Our clients benefit by only paying for the amount of space, labor and equipment they use, with access to additional resources as their business requirements fluctuate. The net effect is lower overall cost and increased flexibility.

Additional value

Incorporating multi-client warehousing into a total contract logistics solution from UTi means cost savings that go straight to your bottom line. Now space, labor and equipment are more flexible than ever. In addition to flexibility, UTi's technology systems will give you the visibility needed for real-time transactions and inventory allocation to cut cycle times and improve inventory turns. Couple that with UTi's added emphasis on quality, supported by our compliance with ISO standards, and you can be assured our dedicated team of professionals will continue to manage the process efficiently and cost-effectively every step of the way.

Outsourced Manufacturing

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, our facilities are set up to assemble, sequence, and deliver just-in-time (JIT) complex orders, allowing you to reduce costs and create leaner manufacturing lines. In addition, processes are driven by adherence to our Quality Management System and assured by our TS 16949 certification. This, together with our information technology systems, makes us the "go-to supplier" for complex outsourced manufacturing solutions at a competitive cost.

Outsourcing to the right source

UTi displays innovative thinking across your entire supply chain, ultimately delivering an integrated logistics solution designed to your specific requirements. Below are just some of the manufacturing services we offer:

  1. Electronic/electro mechanical assembly
  2. Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
  3. Testing
  4. Returns
  5. Repair
  6. Remanufacturing

One way we decrease your unit costs is by developing and implementing lean manufacturing processes with economies of scale. By constantly focusing on reducing waste through both automation and Kan-ban programs, lean manufacturing enables us to reduce your production costs. This, in turn, lowers risk by allowing you to react more quickly to economic or other unforeseen circumstances by adjusting your production accordingly.

Benefits manufactured to specification

Our outsourced manufacturing solutions are designed to improve your bottom line by decreasing unit costs, maximizing efficiencies, and decreasing your need for working capital. Look to UTi for a total CL&D solution, and we will manufacture benefits that turn into your competitive advantage.